Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thick legs: Tips of how to wear to look thin?

Besides yoga and food control of weight loss, there's a more quicker and pain-free way to become thin, that is: you think you are thin, if you have a firm belief, then you will firmly believe you are thin.
Yes I am joking. Let's start again, besides weight loss yoga and weight loss food control to lose weight and besides you think you have lost weight yourself, you can MAKE OTHERS BELIEVE YOU HAVE LOST WEIGHT especially if you have thick legs. If you only have thick legs with other parts of your body thin.(strange body shape, huh), you can also use this way.
How? Just pay attention to your own dress.
If your legs are just a little thick, but not too thick, with your waist thin, you can get a bon bon's dress, you can also choose bloomers, bubbles, choose a more fluffy T-shirt also.
Pay attention not to wear too much color. Yes, just this color, because if you wear this color, it would seems like your body expands.
lol, confused? Just want to give you an impression of this color: white. But if you have relatively thin legs, you can wear white color underwear, and trousers. But be sure to choose the thin material.
For pants, you can choose A-shaped skirt or trousers. Because that would make you like an umbrella... oh, and more thin too.
Do not choose the pants that your pocket seems to be full of stuff because it would make your legs seems more expansive. You can wear a short coat or a small dress to look thin.
Earrings or a necklace will also add a little bright spot that would let the others noticing your upper body.
Select the right accessories can also achieve such effect, you can also wear a waist chain to look thin.
The thickest parts of the legs is actually in the middle, so you only need to wear trousers or a long skirt, it will hide the rough place that you will look thin.
For belt, DO NOT select the wide belt but you should choose the relatively thin belt than a wide belt.

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