Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fast weight loss yoga lesson

Weight loss yoga lessons:

Stand on the mat, hands together in front of it to maintain forearm parallel with the ground, bad straight, breath smoothly.

Inhale, arms extended upward, list jaw slightly, head backwards.

Breath smoothly, move down the body, hands try to touch the ground(just do the best as you can), the knee must remain upright. Head down naturally.

Inhale, rise your arms, right foot steps back, bend the left knee, keep your body upright, your hands can be placed on the knee to maintain good body balance.

Inhale and step the feet back, feet close together, raise the hip up, lay down the heels. Sink the shoulders, forehead try to touch the floor, maintain a steady breath and relax the neck.

Yoga is my favorite because it can lose your weight quickly. Here are the fast weight loss yoga lessons. Try the best as you can will be enough.

Two weeks' time. You will get an amazing effect.


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