Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Big fat dump: How to lose weight?

You may have been called as big fat dump once or each day. It's really hard for most people to lose weight.
The key for consistently loosing weight is: you have some confidence on your weight loss and you can see your success each day or each week.
If you saw your weight losing 2 pounds the first day, and 2 pounds rebounding at the second day, it will easily get you down.
So how to weigh yourself properly?
Some tricks:
1. Keep in mind that your weight will fluctuates at 1-2 pounds a day and will decrease before meal and increase after meal.
So you can fix your time to weigh yourself each day after lunch.
you will be alarmed each day that: wow, i have to weight myself later so I cant get too much to eat. When it become your routine and your stomach adapting to it. Then you will be accustomed to eating less each day and more energetic.
2. Weigh yourself EACH DAY and count the average number each week. That will be more near of your true weight.

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