Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How to suppress hunger? Top three hunger suppressants

Hunger supress is the quickest way to loose weight, because you might have such experiences that the fastest way to lose weight is that you don't eat anything or only eat a little. But it really suffers if you are on diet and feel hungry. Now I will tell you what can suppress hunger.

1. Certain tea like Lotus leaf tea, black tea, red tea, Puer tea which have the effect to suppress hunger. Take Lotus tea for example, it has been used in China for about several hundreds of years. I will introduce Puer tea's effects in my later posts. Only be aware of its side-effect. You will feel thirsty after you drink Lotus tea without drinking quite A LOT of water.

Anyway, it's always good to drink tea because most tea has the effect to loose weight gradually and decrease your blood pressure. Be patience, tea will take effect in a very slow manner, maybe months, or years.

2. Hoodia Gordonii
It's a weight loss plant grown in Africa. It has been proved by mice experiment that it can effectively suppress hunger.

Why? Because Hoodia Gordonii has a great effect to suppress the enzymes that your stomach needs, so your stomach will deny further taking a lot of foods. Human body is always amazing because it will tell you what your body lacks. If you want to eat salt, that's because your body needs salt. That's called the body's signal.

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3. Caralluma

Maybe you have heard of Hoodi Gordonii because you know it's a popular weight loss product.

Someone said that Caralluma is the next Hoodi Gordonii because Caralluma has more advantages. Caralluma has been clinically proved to be effect.

You know the difference between clinical research and animal research? Before most kinds of drugs (not nutritional or other kinds) went marketing, it has to be tested first by animal research, when the result seems ok, that drug would go on to the next stage, the clinical research stage where the drug have to go through quite a long long years to get approved to go marketing. (For most nutritional drugs just like weight loss drug, it's not necessary to go through such painful years. But it would be better if tested through those courses)

It's also quite interesting that Caralluma was in fact used in the labour classes to keep them working and suppress hunger.

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